Thank you for showing your support to those people in your community who are making a difference: big or small. In times of uncertainty, taking the time to thank the people around you is especially important. Do so, by sending us an email today You can also send us your story on our FB page or through Messenger.

There is no criteria for your expression of gratitude. Generally people share: 

  • Name or position of person/people you would like to thank (Ms. Smith, Dr. Smith, etc.)

  • Location. This can be as general as the province or country, or as specific as the township, hospital, school name, local business, etc. Please only provide information you are comfortable sharing. 

  • Pictures, Videos, other media. See our current blog posts for inspiration. 

  • Share your messages of love and gratitude as you see fit! We accept all forms of expression. 

  • Acts of gratitude will come in many forms. This website is a safe and supportive space; we ask for your support in keeping it so.  

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“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” 

Steve Maraboli